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Friday, December 7, 2018

Hello all!  I had a very successful summer at my new craft and primitives shop.  We enjoyed all the people who stopped to visit and shop.  I definitely will be doing this again next summer.

This fall has been a bit of a heart breaker.  We lost our beloved English Mastiff Anna to kidney failure.  She was such a wonderful dog.  She was so stoic and never whined or acted sick at all but she just could not get up by herself anymore and since August my hubby and I have been helping her go outside.  We would put a towel under her belly and he would get on one side and I on the other and walk her out.  And she accepted all of this with her sweet goodness and just waited for us to get the towel and help her.  She hung on as long as she could but her big heart just couldn't go on.  We will miss her forever.😢

Merry Christmas everyone and remember...

Keep on Quiltin'!


Monday, August 27, 2018

End of Summer...

Oh boy, it is the end of August already and I have not posted once since February.  I am so sorry!  This spring and summer was a roller coaster ride.  We lost our 91 year old mother in May and that was so hard.  But her quality of life had slipped away so suddenly that we knew it was inevitable.
We will miss her but I know that she is in a better place with my father.

Then the summer came into full throttle and I opened my little Crafts and Primitives store.  Whoa, it has been a whirlwind of work and fun.  I only open the store on Fridays and Saturdays but I spend the rest of the week making new items and traveling around looking for antiques and just old stuff.  I have met so many wonderful people and neighbors and friends just stop to say Hi.  I absolutely love it.  Now I don't know why I didn't do it sooner.

The only down side to having a new business is that I have very little time to quilt!  This will change this fall and winter when I close down the shop for the cold weather.  You see, my shop is in the old barn where my husbands use to milk cows.  So needless to say there is no heat and I do not do cold!  I like snuggling in for the winter and that means time to sew, quilt and paint.  But for now I will enjoy my customers and have fun scouting out new items.

Here are a few pics of my shop.

That is all for now but remember...
Keep on Quiltin'!


Thursday, February 1, 2018

February 1st Already!

Hi everyone!  I do not know how the year has passed so quickly, but it did.  I spent all fall getting items ready to sell at a craft show.  It was the first time I had ever done that and I would do it again but making enough merchandise to sell is hard. I have decided to start a little flea market deal at our barn this summer instead of dragging everything to a craft show.  We have a lot of traffic and I think I will do ok with this idea.  We have primitives and a few antiques but mainly handmade items.  If all goes well, I may start taking consignments.  We will just have to wait and see.  Here are a few of the items I will have for sale.

I hope that if you are in my area or see anything you might like that I can let you know how much they are and what the shipping will be.

and remember...
Keep on Quiltin'

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June is almost gone!

Whoa, I can't believe I haven't posted since the first of the year!  Shame on me, but in my defense, we have been crazy busy.  Life gets in the way sometimes, but we are putting all we have into retirement. So here are some of the things we have been up to.

I am working on a book of classic quilt blocks.  Who knows if I ever get it finished or that it will ever be published, but it is fun gathering all the information and pictures from the past.  Here is a few things I am including.

Easy Do Block

Unnamed Block
The green block is from the book "1001 Patchwork Blocks" by Maggie Malone.  I have updated the way of cutting the pieces for the block using strips of fabric as opposed to templates.  The blue block was used in a quilt that my mother and grandmother pieced in the 1950's.  So far I have not been able to find a name for this block.  Maybe I should have a contest to create a name for it.  I will have to think about that.

My summer is filled with flowers and gardening.  Thank goodness for my husband and all his help or I would never have time for anything.

Here is another project I have been doing this summer.  I am always wearing a hat when I am out in the sun working in my flower beds.  Well, some of my hats are getting a little funky so I decided to make a new one.  This lead me to making a number of them in all sizes and they have become a big hit.  Here are a couple of kids hats that I made.

And them of course I am a sucker for new trends.  Here in Northeast Ohio we have a Facebook group that is painting and hiding rocks.  It is fun to see how far your rock can travel.  So me being me, I decided to use a quilt theme.  I paint a quilt block on each rock and hide them whenever I am out and about.  Here is a sample of the ones I have done.

Well as you can see I have been busy and loving it!  So just remember...

Keep on Quiltin'!

Until next time,

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Good Bye January!

For some reason, I have always felt January to be one of the longest months of the year.  It is 31 days of unpredictable weather, often gloomy here, and pretty much always cold. ☃❄  But anyway, here is what I have been working on for the month of January.

This block is called Easy Do and is from a book I purchased in the 70's called "1001 Patchwork Designs" by Maggie Malone.  This book has been a wealth of knowledge for me when it comes to the names of some of the blocks I have seen through the years.  The down side of this book was that it showed the blocks and how to make templates but that is not how I piece quilts today.  I did at one time cut out templates and then cut each piece of the fabric for the block separately, just like my Grandma.  But today, the way to go is strip piecing and it is so much faster and efficient. My goal is to make some of these blocks using today's methods and document the yardage needed, the strips needed, etc.  This is block number one on my journey and please keep checking back to see my progress.  This will keep me on my toes as well.

Hope your January was fun, not too cold, and productive. And remember...

Keep on Quiltin'!


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Casserole Carrier

I promised that I would put the instructions on my blog page for my casserole carrier.  There are a number of things I want you to know before I begin.  This carrier pattern is a mishmosh of ideas that I got from videos, books, my get what I mean.  So if you have seen this somewhere else, done just a little different, YOUR RIGHT!  There are a  lot of ways to do the same thing and none of them are WRONG!  And don't let anyone tell you that you did it wrong.  You may have a better way, your own way, or a mishmosh way.  Just know I love new ways and I thank you in advance if you wish to give me constructive criticism.  Another thing you are going to see here is an old ladies' hands.  Those are mine!  Yep, they look old, they are old and they have been used to garden, clean and even at one time, milk cows.  So they have been around for a long, and I mean long time.  Sorry that they will gross you out, but I didn't have a hand model available today to help me so you are stuck looking at mine.

Now let's make a casserole carrier.

You will need:
1 yard focus fabric
1 yard backing fabric for backing, binding, strap and loops (or this can be the same fabric as the focus, your choice)
22 1/2 inch square of Insul-Bright
22 1/2 inch square of cotton batting
Thread, pins and needles and all the play things to hold together, cut and just have fun with!
and of course,
A Sewing Machine!  Any kind will do.  I love them all!  If I had my way I would own one of each kind ever made.  But my husband has other thoughts on that matter!  I digress...

Cut a piece from the focus fabric and also the backing fabric 22 1/2" square
Cut a 5" strip from the backing fabric for the strap and loops
Cut three 3" strips from the backing fabric for the binding

Layer together the backing, wrong side up.  Place the Insul-Bright on top of the backing, then the piece of batting on top of that.  Now place the focus fabric, right side up, on the top.  Pin or baste together using your favorite method.
I quilt this layer together using free motion quilting or in my case, I used a 45 degree angle of straight stitching to create a grid.  Any way you choose to do this is fine.  What's life without whimsy!

After you have quilted your pieces together, square up this cool quilted pad.  You will want a piece 21 1/2" X 21 1/2" square.

Now you will need to make a strap from the 5" wide strip.  I like to make this like a bias binding tape. I fold it in half and iron it. With it opened, I fold each side to the middle and press.  Sew the strap together along the open side. This makes a nice weight strap but you can make this anyway that makes you feel good. If I hadn't been in such a hurry to make these for Christmas gifts, I would have used a decorative stitch to close the open side but I had no time to lose. I work best under pressure. (My husband says I just procrastinate, grrrr!).  Now cut this strip into one 29" piece and two 7" pieces.

I eyeball the placement of the loops in opposite corners and place the long strip diagonally across to the other opposite corners. Turn under about 1/4" on each of the ends.  I sew all of these on using a small square.

Sorry, different project but I wanted to show you the small square (isn't it cute!)

Now bind the entire square with the 3" strips using your favorite method. Make sure to pin the corner loops and strap out of the way so you do not sew them into the binding. I would show you my way of binding if you would like, but everyone has their own way of doing binding and there are some great videos out there on how to bind just about anything.

I hope all of this was not too confusing.  They really are easy to put together.  I made 6 of the sets I showed on my blog earlier in a weeks time.  My doggie was not happy with me as you can see.  She would come and stand in the doorway to my sewing room and stare at me.  When I am not playing with her, she thinks I should be sitting where she can lie on my feet and she is not allowed in my sewing room to do this.  So I get the evil stare many times during the day, with a sigh and growl as she lies outside in the hall.  Everything in our household should be Anna's way!  And it usually is!

And yes, my sewing room is that cluttered!!!!

Well Happy Casserole Carrier Making and remember...

Keep on Quiltin'!


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas Winners!

Oh how fast Christmas came and went! I never know what to get my daughter-in-law and niece for Christmas so this year I decided to make a casserole carrier, hand mitt, casserole mat, bowl mat, mug mat, and two handle mitts.  The casserole, bowl and mug mats are microwave safe and can be placed under the casserole, bowl or mug right in the microwave. I also bought a nice casserole dish to go with the casserole carrier. They seemed to be a hit! I forgot to take pictures of the ones I gave away, but here are some of the others I put together so you'll get the idea.

                             The handle mitts are so easy and fun to make

Here is hoping you had a blessed Christmas and that this will be a wonderful new year! And remember...

Keep on Quiltin'! 


Friday, September 16, 2016

Happy Fall!

Fall is here!  It is one of the season's I love and hate at the same time.  The weather is cooler, the air is fresh and crisp, the leaves start to turn beautiful colors.  So pretty and is the part I hate, winter sets in.  Winter and I do not get along. The snow is beautiful but I am not sure footed any more so falling is a serious concern.  Not to mention coats and hats and mittens, oh my!  Well, stop complaining and enjoy autumn.

 Here is a new posting of two quilts that I entered in our local fair.  Two blue ribbons and I am so happy.

Happy Fall Everyone and remember...

Keep on Quiltin'!


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Such a busy summer

I am ashamed that I have not been current on my posts.  I got in gear this morning because of a post on Facebook asking about whether you can use a domestic sewing machine to quilt.  YES!  And please do not be afraid to try.  In 1999 I purchased a book called "Heirloom Machine Quilting"  by Harriet Hargrave.  I read that book from cover to cover on my lunch hours and breaks at work.  I could not wait to try her methods.  And yep, I was an epic failure.  I threw the first few pieces I tried to quilt into the wastebasket.  Now I wish I had kept them, but I was so discouraged by my lack of talent.  Well, I went back again, and again.  Kept trying and trying and my husband said it was looking "better".  He was being sweet.  I thought it was horrible.  Then one day I started a project and as I went along I felt more relaxed moving the quilt under the needle.  I looked at the finished project and I thought, "Um, not terrible."  It wasn't prize winning work but it made me happy.  And from then on I got better and had more fun.  The moral of this story is, don't give up after your first try.  Look on line and watch videos.  Get DIY books that give you tips and ideas.  You WILL get better and you WILL learn to relax and enjoy sitting down at your machine and quilting.  Good Luck to all of you.

This was my third try at a large piece...So don't give up!!!!

And remember...

Keep on Quiltin'!


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hope you had a great Easter!

Well, I can't believe that March is just about done!  And Easter is over!  Where does time go?  We had a house full of people on Easter and a really wonderful time.  My husband had back surgery on the Wednesday before Easter, but he was doing wonderful and was able to enjoy the day too.

I finally made some Easter projects this year.  I have made many things for other holidays but never had made anything for Easter.  Here is what I came up with.

I sure hope you had a good holiday.  Take care and remember...

Keep on Quiltin'!


Sunday, February 28, 2016

Oh what a beautiful day!

February 28th!  It is 52 degrees in northeast Ohio! Sunny too!  I am so doing the happy dance.  I've been working on my heart quilt but I don't have any pictures as of right now.  I will have a few later on.  But I did finish my St. Patrick's Day placemats.  I use them as table toppers for my coffee table and end table. Here are a couple of pictures of my sunroom

Everyone have a happy Sunday and remember...

Keep on Quiltin'!