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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Happy Veteran's Day

 Happy Veterans Day to all our soldiers, here and abroad, in current service and past.  My Uncle John was in the navy for 20 years.  Please remember the sacrifices so many have made for our freedom.

So this is the experimental project that I have been working on.  It is an old pillow case made from a feed sack.  I have a bunch of these and some of them are worse for wear.  But the hand embroidery is still beautiful and worth keeping.  This particular one had a little wear on the edges and some tiny holes.  So my idea is to stabilize it with a lot of quilting.  I took out all the seams and laid it flat and did my free motion feathers.  It was a lot of fun actually.  And then I added a wider hem opening and sewed it back together.  What I love is if you look closely you can see the printing that was originally on the feed sack.  Growing up on the farm, when we went to our grandparents' house, ALL of their bedding was made from feed sacks.  Young people don't understand this today.  To explain in a nutshell, in the early part of the 20th century, feed companies would put their product in very colorful bags.  And some were just muslin that were sturdy and very useful.  During the depression (and even before that just for frugality) many families saved and used many things such as feed sacks.  My grandmother was no exception.  In this picture you can see a part of the feed company's logo in the upper right hand corner.

And now on a personal note, today is my heavenly mother's 95th birthday.  We lost her 3 years ago and I do miss her.   I have a number of her hand pieced quilts that I intend to finish.  Honestly, I will start on them soon.  In the meantime just remember...

Keep on Quiltin'!


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  1. Hello Norma,
    Sorry to hear you have been missing your mum. Three years is a short time, you must have many fresh memories.
    The feed sack fabric has lasted well, hasn't it? It looks great quilted, and the embroidery really stands out.
    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks. Your pillow case is this week's featured project!
    Love, Muv