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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sad today

Hello Everyone.
 Today I want to pay tribute to someone that I have admired for a number of years.  I do not want to belabor this sad testimonial but I felt that I must say something.  A few weeks ago, we (the quilt world) lost a wonderful quilt designer.  Pam Bono has inspired so many of us and her designs made us WANT to quilt.  All of her quilt designs drew your eye to her techniques and her use of color was something we all wish we had the comprehension to do. Her intuitive ability to see a design and give it life was so exciting.

And so, I wish to give a shout out to Pam Bono's family and friends, We in the quilt community will always remember you and miss you.  God Bless.

My inspiration-Pam's wonderful patterns

My third quilt in progress from "Big Book..."

A quilt I called "Nice Shoes" that I submitted with a story to Pam's newsletter
(the date on this picture is incorrect, It should be 10/2009)

"Nice Shoes" in progress
I made one other quilt from Pam's "Big Book of Quick Rotary Cutter Quilts". It was called "Baby Bunnies" and for some reason I can't find the pictures I took of it.  It was a baby shower gift to my niece for her first son.

Take care and...
Keep on Quiltin'!


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