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Bosbee Quilting
BosBee Quilting

Friday, December 7, 2018

Hello all!  I had a very successful summer at my new craft and primitives shop.  We enjoyed all the people who stopped to visit and shop.  I definitely will be doing this again next summer.

This fall has been a bit of a heart breaker.  We lost our beloved English Mastiff Anna to kidney failure.  She was such a wonderful dog.  She was so stoic and never whined or acted sick at all but she just could not get up by herself anymore and since August my hubby and I have been helping her go outside.  We would put a towel under her belly and he would get on one side and I on the other and walk her out.  And she accepted all of this with her sweet goodness and just waited for us to get the towel and help her.  She hung on as long as she could but her big heart just couldn't go on.  We will miss her forever.😢

Merry Christmas everyone and remember...

Keep on Quiltin'!


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