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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas Winners!

Oh how fast Christmas came and went! I never know what to get my daughter-in-law and niece for Christmas so this year I decided to make a casserole carrier, hand mitt, casserole mat, bowl mat, mug mat, and two handle mitts.  The casserole, bowl and mug mats are microwave safe and can be placed under the casserole, bowl or mug right in the microwave. I also bought a nice casserole dish to go with the casserole carrier. They seemed to be a hit! I forgot to take pictures of the ones I gave away, but here are some of the others I put together so you'll get the idea.

                             The handle mitts are so easy and fun to make

Here is hoping you had a blessed Christmas and that this will be a wonderful new year! And remember...

Keep on Quiltin'! 


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  1. Those are always wonderful gifts to make, I bet they were so happy to receive them!