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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Such a busy summer

I am ashamed that I have not been current on my posts.  I got in gear this morning because of a post on Facebook asking about whether you can use a domestic sewing machine to quilt.  YES!  And please do not be afraid to try.  In 1999 I purchased a book called "Heirloom Machine Quilting"  by Harriet Hargrave.  I read that book from cover to cover on my lunch hours and breaks at work.  I could not wait to try her methods.  And yep, I was an epic failure.  I threw the first few pieces I tried to quilt into the wastebasket.  Now I wish I had kept them, but I was so discouraged by my lack of talent.  Well, I went back again, and again.  Kept trying and trying and my husband said it was looking "better".  He was being sweet.  I thought it was horrible.  Then one day I started a project and as I went along I felt more relaxed moving the quilt under the needle.  I looked at the finished project and I thought, "Um, not terrible."  It wasn't prize winning work but it made me happy.  And from then on I got better and had more fun.  The moral of this story is, don't give up after your first try.  Look on line and watch videos.  Get DIY books that give you tips and ideas.  You WILL get better and you WILL learn to relax and enjoy sitting down at your machine and quilting.  Good Luck to all of you.

This was my third try at a large piece...So don't give up!!!!

And remember...

Keep on Quiltin'!


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