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Monday, September 21, 2015

Another finish.

Now that fall is here, I am hoping to have more free time to do quilting, but I just had to finish this one.  I never know what to say or what to do to help when someone loses a loved one.  I found a wonderful quilt pattern for a comfort quilt in a book called "Prayer Shawl Quilts".  The quilts are small lap size and go together quickly.  So I have begun to create these quilts to send to people I know who are going through a rough spell.  I find that while I am working on a quilt for that specific person who is hurting helps me to think of them the whole time, offering up prayers for them and hoping that for just a little while they may feel some peace.  Here is one of the quilts I have made.

I also include this message.  Somehow I think of this as a sympathy card-plus.  I only hope that it can bring some comfort to the recipient.  

Life is like a quilt.  The needle makes tiny holes in the fabric as we begin to make it piece by piece. The thread goes into the needle and the needle goes up and down holding it all together.  The job of the quilt when it is done is to bring joy into our lives. We use the quilt and it becomes comfortable and we take it for granted. But when just one stitch breaks, the whole thing can begin to unravel.  Only more thread, a patch and the time and effort to fix it can make the quilt whole again even though it will never look the same.

The tiny holes on a quilt are like the many phases of our lives. The threads are those people who come into the holes in our lives and hold us all together.  The needle is like the ups and downs we go through as we keep going along.  The finished quilt is like our lives as we find joy with those we love. We become comfortable and take it all for granted. A broken stitch is like a loss or hurt and we begin to unravel. Finally, fixing our lives just like the quilt is what we must do even though it will never be as it once was. 

and remember...
Keep on Quiltin'!


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