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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

This is too funny!

I don't have anything to report to the quilting world today so I will share a story that took place back in June.  We were having terrible rains and it rained everyday for weeks.  But my diligent hubby was into his wood cutting and he wasn't about to let the rain stop him.  So between showers he would work cutting and splitting wood.  I worry about him out in the woods by himself but he is very careful and I have faith that everything will be alright.  Then one day he comes in and he announces that he took a fall.  I jumped up and immediately started checking him out to see if he was OK.  Well, he informs me that he is just fine but that he rolled down an incline and landed in a big mud hole.  As he turned around I started to laugh and I think he was a bit offended as he was trying to tell me what had happened.  But he couldn't see what I was seeing.

The impressions could not have been better.  The leaves are beautiful and needless to say, we still have not washed the shirt!

Enjoy your day and remember...

Keep on Quiltin'!


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