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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Where is the time to quilt?

Oh, it just isn't fair! I haven't had the time to sew or else I didn't feel well enough to do so.  Not that I was ill, just blah.  Between cabin fever and a chronic problem that shows up every 4 to 6 months, I have not been able to concentrating on sewing.  So, (or SEW) this week I hope to get some quilting done.  Help me out here, I need a cheering squad.

I did get my St. Patrick's Day tree decorated.

Have a great day and remember...

Keep on Quiltin'!



  1. Oh, I know our friend "blah" very well particularly at this time of the year! We have one primrose flowering under the hedge today so hopefully spring is on the way. I'm happy to send my cheers and I bet you'll soon get back into the swing once you start! I've never seen a St. Patrick's Day tree before! I learn something every day in the blogging universe... Lynne.

  2. Hi Norma...I love your St. Patricks tree! I've been feeling very blah glad I'm atleast in good company. Do stop by and check out my new linky: Tuesday Archives....but it will put a little hop in your step. :) Val from