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Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy Polar Vortex!

My, what a cold winter we are having!  Last night we kept hearing loud noises outside our house.  It sounded like someone was throwing something up against the house.  We went out to investigate and could see nothing, no foot prints in the snow, no snow falling off the roof, nothing.  We now know our area was hit by "Frost Quakes".  Some of them were very loud and others more in the distance.  I sure hope we soon have "Spring Jitters" instead.  I am so ready!

Even poor Anna has cabin fever!

I took the month of January off from quilting so starting this week, I have begun to line up new projects.  So everyone...

Keep on quilting!



  1. Good to see you back - will look forward to your 2014 projects. I've not heard of "frost quakes" - the weather is certainly giving the world a few surprises recently. Here it's repeated gales and rain,rain and more rain!