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Friday, April 19, 2013

Meander on Down Friday

Meander can mean to "change direction", "bend", "turn".  And so that is why I choose to call this Meander on Down Friday.  First, I have changed my blog page look.  How do you like it?  Rather snazzy, I  think.  The other direction change is the weather here in good old Ohio.  We had 80 degree temps yesterday and today, my weather app says it is 45 degrees and dropping.  Oh well, it is Ohio!

My bend and turns for today are the quilts I am making.  I have been having second thoughts of whether I will tie my scrap quilts or actually quilt them with a meandering pattern.  Mary made a valid point, I am putting a lot of work into a tied scrap quilt.  Who knows?  I may "turn" around and change my mind a number of times before I make enough blocks to make the quilt.

Yesterday, I went with my husband to sell a load of straw at our local farm auction.  It is in Kidron, Ohio, heart of the Amish country for Wayne County.  It is close to our largest Amish community in Holmes, County, Ohio.  I love to go with him and see the flea market and all the animals going through the auction.

Here are a couple of photos of the auction.  I try to be respectful of the Amish because they really do not like to have their pictures taken.  But these pics at least give you a feel for this area.

Enjoy your Friday and Meander on Down!

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