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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Snow before the Calm

Well in our part of Ohio we didn't get the snow predicted.  We got about an inch.  I definitely know spring is coming though, because one minute it is snowing, the next raining and the next sunshine.  Oh maybe that is not a sign of spring, just Ohio!

I would really like to thank SewCalGal for the wonderful challenges in 2012.  I really enjoyed the ones I was able to complete.  Unfortunately, from August until recently, I was under the weather and was dealing with some family illnesses that prohibited me from continuing the challenges.  Gratefully, all is well now and we are hoping for a better 2013.

Years ago, I made a wall hanging that I have enjoyed very much.  Here is a picture of it.

I have just finished a baby quilt for one of our nieces.  She is having a girl any day now.

 It is hard to see in these photos but there is a rocking horse in the center motif.  I free motion quilt all of the motifs and the borders.  I tried a new technique using hearts as my main filler and meandering in between the hearts.  I really like the effect.
 I quilt the flannel backed satin to a very light (thin) muslin backing using a good quality wool batting.  I then use a light cotton batting and flannel backing which I "tie" to the quilted front.  I began using this method because satin slides so much and is hard to quilt to a backing without tucks and puckers.  This makes a beautiful quilt and is soft and warm.

 Free motion quilting is my passion and I cannot wait to start a new project when I have finished one.  I always have ideas in mind and I think I dream about ideas at night.  When I don't have a baby quilt or full size quilt ready to be quilted, I work on wall hangings or small quilts to keep my free motion skills loosened up.
Rockinghill Horse


  1. Your quilting is exquisite Norma! I just wanted you to know that most all of the FMQ Challenge tutorials from last year are still available on SewCalGal's page. There were some really interesting ones toward the end of the year. Though the quilt you've shown us here tells me you probably should be teaching us!

  2. Your quilting is, I was going to say unbelievabe, but it isn't that it is just amazingly gorgeous. You are just so talented well done you. I can only aspire!!

  3. Norma your quilting is amazing and you do it with a sit down machine and not a longarm. Quilting Babcia is right you should be teaching.


  4. Hi Norma. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Thought I should let you know you come up as ' no reply' when I try to reply to your comment. There is no e- mail attached to your blogger profile. If you don't hear back from people that's why ; )

  5. Your quilting is amazing! I especially love the little horse. I'm following you in your side bar widget :)