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Saturday, March 16, 2013

International Quilting Day

 Hello and Happy International Quilting Day! I am participating in the Sew-cial on the SewCalGal website.  Today I am going to continue working on my Easter wall hanging. I have the center section pieces cutout and the units put together and now I get to sew, sew, sew!

This is a pattern from one of my MANY quilting magazines.  This one is from QM April 2012.

I use painters tape in my sewing room all the time.  In this case, I marked all the units with their number so I can easily pickup that group when I need them.

Have fun today.  I will check back later if I don't get too caught up in my sewing.  

So here it is, 6:00pm and this is what I accomplished today.  I may get this cute bunny done by Easter yet!  Thanks, SewCalGal for the challenge on this International Day of Quilting.  

Well, my hubby is offering to take me out to dinner, so I will interrupt my progress and gladly go with my guy.  You might think this happened because I didn't cook all day, but actually, he likes to go out on Saturday nights and I don't mind at all.  Would you?

Happy Quilting!

PS: I just realized I have not mentioned where I am from.  That would be dreary NE Ohio.  But stick around, tomorrow maybe in the 60's! The weather here changes by the minute!


  1. Great tip with the painters tape.

  2. Love your pieces. I'm certainly interested in seeing your project come together. Lovely fabrics. And, great tip on the painters tape too!

    I'm busy stitching up a storm in my sewing room, but certainly thinking of you while I'm sewing. I hope you are also having a wonderful day.


  3. Painters tape, a thousand and one uses in the sewing room. Who knew. ;-). Love the blue fabrics.