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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

And today is?

I have had a pretty productive day, but I will not post any more pics of my Easter bunny until I am done.  I will start to do the quilting tomorrow and I hope to have him finished over the weekend.

As for what day it is?  Well, you see, my 86 year old mother lives with us.  Now she is pretty sharp for  her age, still drives short distances and does her own shopping.  One thing she doesn't like it to be told she is wrong.  This morning I noticed that she was up early for her.  Now she usually sleeps until 11:00 am or later and being that she is 86, she can sleep as long as she wants.  But today she was up at 8:00 and by nine, she was coming through the kitchen with her coat on and was off the to races, so to speak.  I said "so where are you off to today?" She looked at me kinda funny, pointed to her hair and started out the door.  I said, "Um, mom, don't you usually get your hair done on Thursdays?" She shot back, "Yes and it is Thursday!"  OK, at this point I am looking at my electronic tablet for the date and time, my husband is looking at his phone, and my mother is standing there looking confused.  What we have here is a trio of retirees who don't know what day it is!  bOING, we all got it figured out in time!  Today is Wednesday.  I knew that, yeh, right!

So now that we know what day it is, the day is about over!  Have a good day. (Wednesday right?)

Keep on quilting!


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