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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Strange week

Hello all. I have just had a very bad week. I got very ill last Wednesday and ended up in the hospital only to be told what isn't wrong but they can't find what is causing my symptoms. Good news is, I feel better today than any day since the 8th. Hopefully I am on the mend!

I hope to feel well enough tomorrow to start quilting again.  I have so many ideas for wholecloth  quilts and I would like to start a pieced quilt again this winter. I have also decided to do some custom quilting for customers who have the quilt pieced and would like to have it machine quilted.

I am posting the picture of "The Purple Pineapple". I received a blue ribbon at our local Amish Country Quilt Show and for my first judged quilt show, I am very proud. Quilt judges are intimidating to me for some reason, even though I am perfectly aware they are people just like me who just love quilts!

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