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Friday, March 9, 2012

More Feathers from February Challenge
I have decided to go ahead and submit my March Free-Motion Quilting Challenge practice pieces.  I was going to see if I would have time to do more practicing, but time is not going to allow me to practice, keep up my blog, take care of the puppy, take a class, etc. So here they are.


My Favorite-Loops, Flowers, Hearts and Stars
I have been keeping sketches for quite a while now.  When I was working, I would sketch on my note pad during really boring meetings.  Now that I am retired, I have started to keep an actual sketchbook with my ideas and designs.  So when I saw Ann Fahl's sketches, I was excited.  When I first started free motion, I thought that my goal should be to just sit down at the sewing machine and be able to see what my design was going to be while sewing.  I have come to understand that a good design needs to start on  paper and where it goes from there, whether it is tracings or impromptu, is up to you.  It isn't wrong, if it looks good to you.

Thank you SewCalGal and Ann Fahl for the wonderful tutorial for March!

One of my designs

Free hand drawing


  1. Your quilting is don't need more practice...I have yet to start.....heavens!!