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Friday, February 24, 2012

This is the beginning-and the fun of Free Motion Quilting

 Loving Free-Motion Quilting

Ohio Star for a Idaho Gal

 I have never done a blog before so this is a new experience for me. I have been free motion quilting for about ten years and I have totally fallen in love with this technique.  I use domestic home sewing machines, no long arms, no stitch regulators. I truly believe that anyone can learn to FMQ on almost any home sewing machine.  Now, it is a fact that some machines will give you a much better stitch and some machines will run smoother and easier.  But the bottom line is, that if you can lower or cover the feed dogs on your machine and you have a foot that is used for darning, you can begin to learn free motion quilting.  My dream is to give lessons someday, you bring your machine to me along with the manual for the machine and let me work with it for two weeks.  I will be able to tell you what your machine can or cannot do.  At the end of that time, your lessons begin on your own machine and with some practice and pointers, you will make a small project with what I can teach you about your machine and about the free motion quilting technique.

This is my feather attempt using Diane Gaudynski's techniques.  I love her work and aspire to her level of expertise.  Someday, maybe? I do know this, practice, practice, practice!


  1. I like your teaching idea, and I agree completely - anyone can do FMQ - it's just a matter of putting the time in. Like you, I only use a domestic machine, and have so much fun with it!
    Seeing and getting to practice different techniques with this challenge is fabulous, isn't it?!

  2. Absolutely wonderful! Love white on white!!

  3. Gorgeous work!!! I hope I can do 1/8 of what you are doing one day.

  4. Gorgeous quilt! and quilting!
    I agree with you too - that anyone can learn to machine quilt on a DSM, all it takes is practice.
    I hope your dream of teaching comes true.
    Good luck with the new blog, I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do.

  5. Beautiful quilting. I hope I do as well as you in 10 years!!!