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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sweet Anna (sometimes!)

Well, today may not be as productive as I might wish. I have an appointment at 1:20 and I am one of those people who if my day is interupted, I can't get motivated. I have pulled out my quilt that I want to start marking, but I just sit here with Anna looking at it! Maybe I will be inspired by the time I get back.

I had quite a day! Went to my appointment, came home and marked about half of my quilt, then went 
shopping with my hubby.  Anna was out of dog food.  Oh No! Believe me, she is eating us out of house and home.  We are hoping this is just a growing spurt. 

Here is  my project.  Now this quilt is a man's quilt.  The colors are neutral, the theme is no frills, and no fru-fru stuff at all.  That is what my son ordered and that is what he will get...except he didn't tell me I couldn't add a lot of nice quilting!  So that is my goal.

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