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Monday, February 27, 2012

Good morning. It is a beautiful morning here and I have high hopes that I can get a lot done today.  I still have two sleeves to put in place on my quilts and I would like to start marking a quilt that I pieced last winter.  I have a hard time deciding what designs I want to place on my quilts.  I am getting better about looking for ideas in things around me but for the most part I use ready made templates from books and things I have purchased from the internet.  Do you use pre-drawn templates and patterns or draw your own?  Or do you use a combination of both?

Here are a few of my combination patterns.
7:00 PM - I Rock!  I was able to get the two sleeves on The Gilded Rose quilt and The Ohio Star for an Idaho Gal.  I have a picture of the Ohio Star on an older post but here is a not so good picture of The Gilded Rose.
The Gilded Rose

Center section of the Gilded Rose
 I used a lot of metallic thread on this quilt and the pictures do not do it justice. My wonderful husband made me a really great quilt rake this weekend.  I am hoping to set up a system to be able to take more professional looking pictures of my quilts.  Have I mentioned how wonderful my husband is? Now, tomorrow I will start the on marking my next quilt top.

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